View a short preview of some of the recent projects and programs we've been working on, and learn more about how your local water and sewer provider has been serving your community.
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Septic 2 Sewer

“Septic2Sewer” is an initiative by the EOCWD to ultimately bring sewer service to about 400 homes. Many homes in the district’s service area were built prior to the 1960s and have aging septic tanks that could pollute our portion of Orange County’s invaluable groundwater basin. The district worked with many stakeholders to develop a voluntary program to allow homeowners to abandon their septic tanks. 

The first Septic2Sewer program in the neighborhood of Vista del Lago was completed in September, 2019.

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Backflow Prevention Program

Your home may be equipped with a Backflow Device to prevent wastewater or other contaminants from flowing backward into the water system. Getting it checked each year to ensure it's working properly is essential. This protects our water supply and allows EOCWD to continue delivering safe and
healthy drinking water to customers.

EOCWD conducts testing and processes all certificates, with no "retesting" charges to our customers. 

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PFAS & Wells

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are a group of man-made chemicals that are resistant to heat, water, oils, and stains. PFAS are widely used in a variety of industrial and consumer products. 


EOCWD has taken action to ensure safe drinking water by monitoring the quality of their drinking water supplies, finding alternate supplies, and testing methods for removing PFAS from water.


FOG Control Program

FOG (Fat, Oils and Grease) is a common term for the excess animal fats and vegetable oils that are generated during cooking and many food preparation steps. FOG enters the plumbing system through kitchen sinks and floor drains in food preparation areas, building up over time and leading to sewer blockages and even large-scale spills.


The FOG Control Program aims to prevent this buildup through an educational partnership between Sewer Management Districts and Food Service Establishments.

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Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP)

In response to federal disaster mandates EOCWD studied natural hazards and ways to reduce the risks and impacts from earthquake, wildfires and other events. We also formed a steering committee made up of local stakeholders, which oversaw the plan’s development and outreach.

On August 4, 2020, we held a live Virtual Public Meeting which the public was invited to ask questions and learn the steps we are taking to mitigate hazards.

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Sewer Reliability: CRA

The East Orange County Water District plans to upgrade and enhance the reliability of sewer systems serving Tustin and North Tustin residents and in other areas being served. The system dates back to 1962 and some aging sewer lines are in need of repairs/replacements to ensure toilets, shower and sink drains remain operational. Select sewer lines are also going to be upsized, allowing for continued reliability with future population growth.