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Board Members' Compensation

Directors receive compensation for attendance at regular and special meetings of the Board at a rate of $175 for each day. Board members are compensated at the rate of $125 per day for each committee meeting.  Additionally, Board Members may be appointed to attend meetings of other public agencies or associations of agencies (see FPPC Form 806, Report of Public Official Appointments below this paragraph to view District appointments). The maximum number of days in any calendar month for which compensation is authorized to be paid to a member of the Board is ten (10) per month, with a maximum of 120  (120) days in a calendar year. 


Total compensation received by each Board Member is shown in the attached State Controller’s report. 

Board Committee Appointments - Form 806- 1-18-19


To view actual Board Member compensation by calendar year, please click on the links shown below Employee Compensation.

Employee Compensation

Employee compensation is set annually by the Board (effective July 1st for General Employees and January 1st for the General Manager).  The General Manager is a salaried employee and is not eligible for overtime pay, all other employees are hourly employees and are eligible for overtime pay.

All employees receive benefits that include:

  • District paid health, dental and life insurance for themselves and one dependent (the cost of additional dependents is paid by the employee); this is non-taxable compensation.

  • Current members of CalPERS or an agency with CalPERS will be enrolled in the 2% @ 60 retirement program and contribute 7 % of salary to CalPERS; the District pays the employer rate of 8.794%.

  • New members who are not a member of any California public retirement system before January 1, 2013 will be enrolled in the 2% @62 retirement program and contribute 6.750% of salary to CalPERS; the District pays the employer rate of 7.732%.

  • 2 weeks of vacation after 1 year of service; 3 weeks of vacation after 5 years of service and 4 weeks of vacation after 15 years of service; this is taxable compensation.

  • 11 paid holidays, plus 1 floating holiday of the employee's choice; this is taxable compensation


The General Manager’s compensation includes the use of a District vehicle for commuting from/to her residence as well as one additional week of vacation in addition to the two weeks that all employees would normally accrue based upon a similar length of service; these benefits are taxable compensation.

Special compensation is paid to the Operations Manager, Water Distribution Operator III and Water Distribution Operator II related to Standby Pay, Holiday Pay, and District-Provided Housing.  The Uniform Allowance and Holiday Pay are taxable compensation and reported to CalPERS for purposes of determining total compensation.  Overtime pay is taxable, but it is not reportable to CalPERS for total compensation determination.  Additionally, for security and response time purposes, Distribution Worker III resides at a residence located on District property; the value of this benefit is non-taxable to the employee and is not used in determining total CalPERS compensation.

Shown on the tables below are a summary listing of the total compensation (salaries and taxable and non-taxable benefits) for employees and board members. A detailed breakdown of this information is shown in files below (click on them and they will open in a separate window).

Current Employees & Board Member Compensation


2020/2021 Organizational Chart

2019 Total Compensation - Employee & Board Members

2018 Total Compensation - Employee & Board Members

2017 Total Compensation - Employee & Board Members

2016 Total Compensation - Employee & Board Members
2015 Total Compensation - Employee & Board Members
2014 Total Compensation - Employees & Board Members
2013 Total Compensation - Employees & Board Members
2012 Total Compensation - Employees & Board Members
2011 Total Compensation - Employees & Board Members
2010 Total Compensation - Employees & Board Members


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