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About the SoCal Water$mart Program


All rebates offered by East Orange County Water District are processed through a third-party called This program is funded through a partnership between the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Metropolitan) and its 26 member agencies—cities and public water agencies—that serve about 18 million people in six counties. EOCWD is just one of those local agencies. This page will contain a brief list of Residential and Commercial rebates available to our customers, with further details and application forms linked to the website.

Residential Rebates

Estimate your rebate

Click one of the options below to verify eligibility and identify the current rebate amounts for your new water saving device(s) or measure(s).

Washing Machine

High-Efficiency Clothes Washers

Rebates start at $85 per model

High efficiency clothes washers use 55% less water than standard clothes washers. They also use less overall energy, which may contribute to a reduction in both your water and energy costs.


Premium High-Efficiency Toilets

Rebates start at $40

These use almost 20% less water than the WaterSense standard. You can save over $800 on your water bill over the lifetime of the product. Eligible toilets must replace existing toilets using 1.6 gallons per flush or more. 

Irrigation Timer

Weather-based Irrigation Controllers

Rebates up to $180 per controller.

Automatically adjusts the irrigation schedule to account for changing weather, soil conditions and plant types. May save over 13,500 gallons of water per year!

rotating sprinkler nozzle

Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles

Rebates up to $2 per nozzle; minimum quantity is 30 nozzles

 Rotating nozzles apply water more slowly and uniformly to prevent over-watering and encourage healthy plant growth. Can use up to 20% less water than conventional fan spray heads.

rain barrel

Rain Barrels & Cisterns

Rebates start at $35 per barrel (up to 2 barrels) or $250-$350 for a cistern

Rain barrels and cisterns allow you to capture the rain that falls onto your roof and reuse it later to water your garden. Plants prefer rainwater because it is naturally “soft” and free of chemicals.

soil moisture sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor System

Rebates start at $80/controller for less than 1 acre of landscape; $35/station for more than 1 acre

Detects water needs by gauging the moisture present in the soil. These have been shown to reduce outdoor water use by up to 70%!

turf removal image

Turf Replacement Program

Rebate starts at $2.00 per square foot up to 5,000 square feet of converted yard per year

Reduce water usage by up to an estimated 60% by removing turf and converting to a drought tolerant landscape. Increase curb appeal while promoting water savings!

FAQs & Contact Info

Contact SoCal Water$mart


(888) 376-3314

For General Rebate Information:

For Turf Replacement Program Information:

Frequently asked questions

Click one of the options below to find answers for questions most asked about both the residential rebate program and the turf replacement program.

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