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Sewer Rate Study - Capacity Fees
At their June 15th 2017 Meeting, the Board of Directors of the East Orange County Water District (EOCWD) will consider adopting the recommendations contained in the Sewer Capacity Fee study performed by Raftelis Financial Consultants.  

View the Capacity Fees Report

Sewer Service Charges

Customers pay their sewer service charges annually through their property tax bill.  The rate sheet linked below shows the cost for single family residences, multi-family residences and for industrial and commercial businesses. You do not need to call us to set up sewer service, it will be done automatically through the purchase of your property via the County Tax Assessor’s office. 


View the 2019 Sewer Service Fees Rate Sheet (No Changes from 2018)


Sewer Rate Study - fats, oils & grease (fog) fees
At the July 17, 2016 Meeting, the Board adopted a Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Control Ordinance that is applicable to Food Service Establishments (FSEs). The Ordinance established extensive quantity and quality standards for the regulation of FOG discharges to the sewer system.

View ordinance 2016-2 Amended June 20, 2019

As established under the Orange County Sanitation District, the cost of monitoring FOG generators is recovered from the FSEs and is currently $200 for a two-year permit. EOCWD is proposing to increase this fee to $212 for a two-year permit.

View the FOG fees report

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New Sewer Connections

Persons interested in connecting to the sewer system for new property development must fill out the application for sewer service.

Submit the completed form to along with a copy of any development permits and drawings you have for the property.  You will be contacted within 24 hours of receipt of your submittal.  Capacity Charge schedules are shown below. 

Please note that EOCWD collects two capacity charges: 

1) a charge for the "buy-in" of capacity in the local sewer system (the pipelines that carry wastewater to the regional sewer system) and,

2) a charge for the "buy-in" of capacity in the regional sewer system, which EOCWD collects on behalf of the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) and then remits it to them.

Sewer Permit Application
Local Sewer System Capacity Charge - Rate Schedule
Regional Sewer System Capacity Charge Residential - Rate Schedule 

Regional Sewer System Capacity Charge Non-Residential - Rate Schedule

Remodel or Business Change Capacity Charges

​​EOCWD collects a capacity charge on behalf of the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) when remodeling and/or business changes occur to an existing structure.  Depending upon the fees paid at the time of initial development, additional charges may be due.  EOCWD does not set these fees or make the final determination how or when they are applicable.  Questions regarding the applicability of these fees can be directed to Rudy Davila (OCSD) at (714) 593-7348.

Sewer Permit Application
Regional Sewer System Capacity Charge Residential - Rate Schedule

Regional Sewer System Capacity Charge Non-Residential - Rate Schedule

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Plans and Audits

Sewer System Management Plan 
The Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) was adopted by the Board of Directors on January 19, 2017, and identifies goals the District has set for the management, operation, and maintenance of the sewer system. These goals provide focus for District staff to continue high-quality work and to implement improvements in the management of the District’s wastewater collection system. This plan addresses the requirements for the following elements:

  1. Prohibitions

  2. Goals

  3. Organization

  4. Legal Authority

  5. Operation and Maintenance Program

  6. Design and Performance Provisions

  7. Overflow Emergency Response Plan

  8. Fats,Oils and Grease (FOG) Control Program

  9. System Evaluation and Capacity Management

  10. Monitoring, Measurement, and Program Modifications

  11. SSMP Program Audits

  12. Communication Program

Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) Audit

At the January 17, 2019 Meeting, the Board of Directors approved revisions to the SSMP and Appendices.  The revised Plan is contained in two volumes (click to open in pdf):

Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) Volume I - Adopted Version - January 17, 2019 
Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) Volume II - Adopted Version - January 17, 2019

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Septic 2 Sewer

“Septic2Sewer” is an initiative by EOCWD to ultimately bring sewer service to about 400 homes.

A district strategic goal is to reduce homeowner septic tank use, in favor of connections to the sanitary sewer system. Many homes in the district’s service area were built prior to the 1960s and have aging septic tanks that could pollute our portion of Orange County’s invaluable groundwater basin. The district worked with many stakeholders to develop a voluntary program to allow homeowners to abandon their septic tanks.

Both the cost to convert and the complexity of conversion (additional sewer infrastructure is often required to be constructed) are barriers to conversion. The program helps homeowners make the switch in two ways that can help reduce costs: by arranging for 30-year tax-exempt financing for most of the project and by sharing planning, engineering and construction expertise. This program underscores the value of having a local service provider being in the position to work closely with its customers, to meet specific neighborhood needs but also to benefit the entire service area with infrastructure system improvements that protect water quality and the environment.


Design, environmental review and permitting were completed by February, 2019, and a groundbreaking ceremony was held on February 9, 2019. The first Septic2Sewer program was completed in September, 2019. Below are a series of photos taken at this groundbreaking event.


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The East Orange County Water District encompasses an area of approximately 10,000 acres and is a member of the Municipal Water District of Orange County which is a member of the Metropolitan Water District and therefore entitled to receive Colorado River and Northern California imported water through the distribution facilities of the Metropolitan system.

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