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Wholesale Water Supply Reliability Information

East Orange County Water District
Supply Availability - Calendar Years 2017/2018/2019

Supply Availability Graph 2017 - 2019

a) Based on calendar year data
b) Data based upon settlement agreement; IRWD has not submitted a formal request

EOCWD Supply Availability (pdf)
SWRCB Metropolitan Water District Supplies Available to Urban Water Suppliers (pdf)
SWRCB Metropolitan Water District Analysis and Supporting Documentation (pdf)
June 15, 2016 letter from MWDOC General Manager Robert Hunter (pdf)

Note:  EOCWD provides imported water (purchased from the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC)/ Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MET)) to the four retail water agencies listed above, as well as its own retail zone. The primary source of water for these agencies is groundwater purchased through the Orange County Water District (OCWD); the imported water supplements the groundwater and provides supply reliability.

Each agency was asked to provide their imported water demands - for the area within EOCWD's boundaries - for the next three years. An agency's demands can vary significantly from year to year depending upon the mix of groundwater and imported water available, the ability of to access all of the groundwater they are entitled to (e.g., a well may be out of service so imported water is used to supplement the lost production), or because they have the need to take imported water through a direct connection to the MWDOC/MET.  Golden State, City of Orange and IRWD have other imported water connections to MWDOC; the City of Tustin and EOCWD's Retail Zone do not, they only have  connections through EOCWD's Wholesale Zone.

EOCWD has determined that the supply of water requested is available, pursuant to the representations made by MET in the attached Urban Wholesaler Supply Reliability Analysis and Wholesale Water Supply Assessment, both dated June 15, 2016, stating that they can meet the projected demands for their services area for WY 2017, 2018 and 2019. Additionally,  pursuant to the attached June 15, 2016 letter from MWDOC General Manager Robert Hunter, MWDOC has projected that they can fully meet EOCWD's projected demand of 4,129 AF for WY 2017, 2018 and 2019. We note, however, that the SWRCB methodology may not reflect the MWDOC/MET Water Supply Allocation Policy (WSAP); and that MET could call for mandatory allocations despite meeting the SWRCB supply criteria. EOCWD does not have access to any other supply of water independent of MET/MWDOC at this time.

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