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Stop Illegal Dumping

Join forces with the East Orange County Water District to safeguard our sewer system and protect the environment. The illicit disposal of construction waste, particularly pool plaster, poses a threat to our surroundings and burdens our community with extra maintenance expenses.

The presence of construction debris and pool plaster in pipes causes:

A series of icons showing blockages in pipes, sewer backups and spills, & costly repairs

These materials and potential spills can:

Series of icons showing contaminate our water resources, endanger aquatic life, &jeopardize public health

Let us unite in preserving the beauty of our environment. Ensure that construction materials are responsibly disposed of by using authorized disposal facilities. Educate your contractors about proper waste management, fostering a culture of responsible waste disposal.

Below are a series of images showing a clean manhole, a manhole filled with construction debris, and a pile of hardened debris removed from a manhole.

A picture of a manhole with no construction debris

A picture of an open manhole filled with construction debris

A picture of a pile of hardened construction debris that had been clogging a manhole and have now been removed

Spread the word by sharing this information with your colleagues, neighbors, contractors, and friends. Together, we can raise awareness and promote lawful waste practices. By preventing illegal dumping, we can significantly reduce maintenance costs and allocate resources to other services that benefit our community.

If you witness any incidents of illegal dumping, we urge you to report them promptly by calling (714)538-5815 or emailing us at

Let us collaborate in reducing sewer maintenance costs, protecting our environment, and building a thriving community!


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