UPDATE: State issues new PFAS guidelines

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

EOCWD reaffirms safe drinking water

UPDATE: You may have seen news coverage of new state guidelines involving “response” levels for water providers who detect PFAS in water sources.

In addition, the Federal EPA also recently announced plans to further address PFAS at the national level. More information is available on their website, here.

As we shared last year, even though EOCWD’s drinking water wells do not exceed “response” levels for PFAS, we elected to discontinue using our wells as a water source and will continue to serve our customers water from other sources. As always, your drinking water is safe to drink and meets all federal and state water quality standards.

Although this new guideline does not affect EOCWD at this time, you may see news coverage involving neighboring water districts and cities which may be required to switch to alternative water sources.

We continue to be involved in conversations on treatment options to allow us to again utilize our groundwater resources, which are historically less costly than imported water sources. The ongoing costs to import water as well design and implement treatment options may eventually result in the need for a rate change. If that occurs, we will alert you through the state-required notification process, which includes an opportunity for public engagement.

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