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General Manager Lisa Ohlund talks innovation

EOCWD's General Manager Lisa Ohlund spoke before a group of innovators UC Irvine for Sustain OC's August program: "Water Solutions 3: Stretching Water Resources."

Ohlund provided examples of how EOCWD is meeting sustainability challenges and shared a "wish list" of needed water infrastructure improvements such as communication-reliable, hacking-secure automatic meter reading, which improves data reliability and includes security features to protect vital water infrastructure from Internet of Things (IoT) hacking. Ohlund also mentioned continuing efforts to produce low cost water treatment that would make capturing and treating urban water runoff safe and affordable for use as a water supply.

The program was hosted by Sustain OC, which conducts conferences, workshops and networking events to help in the sharing of knowledge and establish connections that have a positive impact on both the economic progress and sustainable future of the Orange County.

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