Sears Appointed to EOCWD Board


John L. Sears, a North Tustin resident, ratepayer advocate and board member of the Foothills Community Association has been appointed to the East Orange County Water District Board of Directors. His appointment fills the vacancy created when long-serving water district board member William L. VanderWerff retired last December.

As a Foothills Community Association board member, Sears has been a long-time champion for North Tustin taking back local control of its water system from the private ownership of the San Dimas-based Golden State Water Company. More recently, he has advocated for the transference of ownership and management of local Sewer Area 7 from the Orange County Sanitation District to East Orange County Water District. Sears says that preserving local control and fiscal accountability to the local ratepayers is what motivated him to seek appointment to the EOCWD Board of Directors.

“East Orange County Water District is a well-managed water agency that serves its customers well and is trusted and respected in the community,” said Sears. “I am honored to be serving my fellow residents in this new role and ensuring that the District’s commitment to local control, fiscal responsibility, and service continues. Now, more than ever, we need public agencies like East Orange County Water District that are accessible, responsive, and disciplined in their expenditures of ratepayer dollars.”

EOCWD Board President Doug Davert believes that Sears’ understanding of key District policy issues combined with his executive management and leadership experience, will be a valuable asset to the District moving forward.

“Director Sears brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and relationships in the community that will allow him to lead effectively on some significant financial, operational and governance issues involving the District,” said Davert. “He understands and shares our customers’ values and he has demonstrated on numerous occasions, through his work as a Foothills Community Association board member, that he can and will also work in the best interests of the communities we serve.”


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The East Orange County Water District encompasses an area of approximately 10,000 acres and is a member of the Municipal Water District of Orange County which is a member of the Metropolitan Water District and therefore entitled to receive Colorado River and Northern California imported water through the distribution facilities of the Metropolitan system.

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