Crawford Canyon:
A Segment of the Sewer Capacity, Reliability & Augmentation Project

Construction Schedule:

East Orange County Water District (EOCWD) has begun the Crawford Canyon Phase of its Sewer Capacity, Reliability & Augmentation Project, and construction will soon begin that will impact traffic along Crawford Canyon Rd. Please plan ahead by using an alternate route if possible. Leave early to allow extra time to reach your destination as well.

Construction is anticipated to start mid-to late- June and last two months.

Construction hours will be from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and possibly Saturdays when needed. Please keep in mind that inclement weather may necessitate schedule changes.

A map of the construction that will be taking place on S Crawford Canyon Rd

What to Expect During Construction:

  • Single lanes of traffic through construction work ones during working hours. Normal traffic lanes during non-work days / hours.

  • Large construction equipment to perform open cut trench excavation work.

  • Increased truck and construction traffic.

  • Pedestrian access will be available.

  • Noise, dust and vibrations.

  • Access to driveways will remain available. Prior notice will be provided if access will be restricted.

  • Signs will be posted if any temporary parking restrictions are necessary.

  • Neighborhood streets will remain open during construction.

Crawford Canyon Sewer Replacement from just south of Brae Glen to Stoller Lane:

  • Replaces 600 feet of 8-inch pipe due to age and condition with 12-inch pipe.

  • Increases needed system capacity for current and future needs along with extending reliability.

  • Existing sewer lines will remain in service during construction.