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Zero Water & Ultra Low Water Urinals

Rebates up to $200 per urinal

Ultra Low Water Urinals provide effective, low-maintenance flushing, while reducing water consumption by as much as 88 percent. Zero water urinals use no water at all, saving an average of 45,000 gallons of water per year.

Premium High-Efficiency Toilets

Rebates start at $40

These use almost 20% less water than the WaterSense standard. You can save over $800 on your water bill over the lifetime of the product. Eligible toilets must replace existing toilets using 1.6 gallons per flush or more. 

Plumbing Flow Control Valve

Rebates start at $5 per valve; minimum quantity 10 valves

Flow Control Valves are designed to maintain water pressure while reducing water flow in faucets and showers by up to 60%.

Connectionless Food Steamers

Rebates up to $485 per compartment

According to the Food Service Technology Center, the Connectionless Steamers save an average of 81,500 gallons per year with an estimated 10-year life. This type of food steamer is intended for small- to medium-size restaurants.

Air-Cooled Ice Machines

Rebates up to $1,000

New Air-cooled ice machines use less energy and water and make ice more quickly and efficiently. By installing an air-cooled ice machine, you could save up to 219,000 gallons per year.

Dry Vacuum Pumps

Rebates up to $125 per 0.5 HP; Maximum of 2 HP

Liquid ring vacuum pumps use large quantities of water as a liquid seal to create the vacuum. Dry vacuum pumps are capable of creating an airtight seal without using water as a sealant by utilizing parts machined within extremely close tolerances.

Laminar Flow Restrictors

Rebates up to $10 per restrictor; maximum of 10

Laminar flow devices installed on sinks do not draw air into the water stream and produce a non-aerated clear stream of water, inhibiting bacterial growth and transmission. Reduced flow rates can save money on water and energy costs.

Cooling Tower Conductivity & pH Controllers

Rebates up to $1,225 per conductivity controller; rebates up to $2,750 per pH controller

Annual water savings with a new Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller can be as much as 800,000 gallons. Installing a state-of-the-art integrated pH Conductivity Controller will allow you to upgrade your cooling tower water treatment by adding chemicals that control the pH in the system.

Weather Based Irrigation Controllers

Rebates start at $35 per station – Eligible WBIC can have a maximum of 11 inactive stations per controller

Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers, aka ‘Smart Timers’, use information about your plants, soil, and weather conditions to apply the right amount of water year-round. Only controllers that are EPA WaterSense certified qualify for SoCal Water$mart rebates

Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles

Rebates start at $2/nozzle; minimum quantity is 30 nozzles

 Rotating nozzles apply water more slowly and uniformly to prevent over-watering and encourage healthy plant growth. Can use up to 20% less water than conventional fan spray heads.

Large Rotary Spray Nozzles

Rebates start at $13/set; minimum quantity of 8

Large Rotary Nozzles are durable metal nozzles that are resistant to wear and provide high distribution uniformity of water.

In-Stem Flow Regulators

Rebates start at $1/regulator; minimum quantity of 25 devices

Retrofitting your existing Pop-Up Spray heads with In-Stem Flow Regulators can save up to 1,000 gallons per device. In-stem flow regulators control water flow in irrigation systems at the sprinkler head.

Soil Moisture Sensors

Rebates start at $35 per irrigation controller station; maximum of 11 inactive stations per controller

Soil moisture sensor controllers have been shown to reduce outdoor water use by up to 70%!

Turf Replacement Program

Rebates start at $2.00 per square foot up to 50,000 square feet of converted yard per year

This program is a two-part application process. In order to receive a rebate, you must apply to reserve rebate funds prior to starting your project. 

On-site Retrofit Program

Incentives of $195 per acre-foot for five years of estimated water use

The On-site Retrofit Program will provide financial incentives to property owners who convert potable water irrigation or industrial water systems to recycled water use instead.


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